Bridal Party at Front Porch Farms Wedding in Nashville, TN.

Elegant Nashville Wedding at Front Porch Farms | Elizabeth + Sam |

September 28, 2020

I’d like to informally title this blog post: The Wedding that Broke Me out of my Blogging Hiatus.

On the most beautiful day in September of 2020, Elizabeth & Sam got married at Front Porch Farms in Charlotte, TN just outside of Nashville, TN. The weather was perfect. There was an excitement in the air. Elizabeth & Sam didn’t stop smiling once. Like, their resting faces were all SMILES.

Front Porch Farms is one of my favorite wedding venues in the Nashville area for many reasons. The views of the rolling hills are picturesque, the setting sun over the valley is the perfect background for dreamy golden hour photos, and the planning & decor provided by Kathy Best & Alex Westerhouse is one of the best in the city.

The decor was elegant with delicate feminine details. White florals, lots of greenery, and hints of beigey-pink color through the ceremony & reception. I know it’s a weird thing to obsess over the way napkins are placed on a table but I LOVE the simplicity of the napkins with the knot. I also adored the wooden names on the bridal party table– I thought that was such a unique touch! The floral designs were breath-takingly beautiful. Kudos Alex!!

A few (*ha, just a f e w ) of my favorite moments can be seen in the photos below. Sam & Elizabeth couldn’t imagine their day without their excitable pup, Bailey, so clearly she needed to be bridal party. Hers was the goodest girl and didn’t almost eat Elizabeth’s bouquet. Nope! Bailey was on her goodest behavior, she was.

Elizabeth leaned in touched foreheads with Sam during a ceremony prayer. My heart melted like butter on a sweet potato. That photo, to me, is photography gold.

I also want to salute Elizabeth’s dad- who delivered one of the best toasts. It was thoughtful and funny, which is a tough delivery on the day your one and only baby girl gets married.

The partner dancing (I don’t even know what it’s called) where they are twirling and dipping and spinning was ON POINT. WHO TAUGHT Y’ALL THIS!? I’m STILL trying to figure out how to do the wobble so there’s not much hope for me… but… maybe one day.

I hope you enjoy this post… I can’t promise that I’ll be back anytime soon as the October & November weddings and portrait sessions MADNESS is about to kick off! See ya when I see ya. 😉

Congrats again, newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Bragg!

Ha, don’t mind me, just photographing details, right here on the floor where everyone needs to walk to get in and out.

Nashville Wedding Photographer: Laura K. Allen
Venue: Front Porch Farm
Florals & Event Planning: Kathy Best, Alex Westerhouse
Hair & Makeup: The Beauty Agency
Band: Emerald Empire
Cake: Megalicious
Caterer: Uselton Catering
Rentals: Liberty Rentals

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